Day 7 – Video Killed the Radio Star (Top 10)

Hi there!

Today, I decided to do something a little different with my daily blog. I decided to do a Top 10. Today’s is my Top 10 Favorite YouTubers. This is purely my opinion and you are welcome to have your own thoughts and opinions on my choices. These are channels that I subscribe to and watch frequently. I have added a link to their Youtube channels under (YOUTUBE) and their Twitter name next to it if you’d like to follow them 🙂

I hope you like my choices and like this post. I have nothing interesting to write about today so that’s the reason for this. On my day’s where I don’t have anything to write about I may do more blogs like this with different Top 10’s. Let me know what you’d like me to do a list of next time 🙂

So…Here it is from number 10 as my least favorite:

10 – Jim Chapman
(YOUTUBE / Twitter @JimsTweetings)


What a cool guy! He’s very English…He’s the stereotypical Englishman. When people try to imitate a British accent, they try to sound like Jim. I like his videos because they’re fun and he’s just an all around nice person! Hello Friends!

9 – Marcus Butler
(YOUTUBE / Twitter @MarcusButlerTv)


He posts his main channel videos once a week (his vids are boring on his second channel). He likes to rant and sometimes makes an utter fool of himself. One thing that annoys me about him is the way he opens his videos – ‘HELLOOOOO’ – Christ, it’s not half cringe! But…no one else opens theirs like that!

8 – Lisa Schwartz (Lisbug)
(YOUTUBE / Twitter @lilschwartzie)


She’s cool, funky and very, very crazy! Lisa is an absolute girly girl and she’s the girlfriend of Shane Dawson. I like her videos because she ain’t afraid to take the piss out of herself and they’re all pretty relevant. She’s real, not fake! Hey Girl HEYY!

7 – Sawyer Hartman
(YOUTUBE / Twitter @SawyerHartman)


This YouTuber is what I would call a ‘typical American YouTuber’. He’s very easy on the eye and he moved to L.A as he wants to ‘make it big’. I absolutely LOVE his ‘Thru My Eyes’ videos and short films. He’s very talented – when he’s behind the camera. That’s the only reason he’s this far up my list. I don’t really get humour that isn’t British – because its just not funny – and sometimes, Sawyer can come across very big headed. He does, however, have a very cute dog called Hitch 🙂

6 – Chris Kendall (Crabstickz)
(YOUTUBE / Twitter @Chris_Kendall_)


This guy is HILARIOUS! One of the only YouTube comedians I actually like. He’s from Harrogate (just around the corner from me) and an absolute legend! He’s recently been starring in BBC Three’s ‘Some Girls’ – which I’m not really in to, but it’s not bad – and he’s also a massive Nerd. My favorite ever video of his is ‘12th Doctor Who Revealed!’ – I recommend you check it out if you like Doctor Who as it’s really funny and if you watch the program you’ll totally get it. Pure Awesome!

5 – Joey Graceffa
(YOUTUBE / Twitter @JoeyGraceffa)


Joey is what is known on YouTube as a ‘vlogger’ – he basically walks around blogging his day on video.  Another  ‘typical American YouTuber’ – and housemates with Sawyer Hartman. I really enjoy Joey’s videos, even if sometimes he comes across a bit self-centred and very camp. I actually quite like this about him, it’s very entertaining to watch. He comes out with some silly words he’s made up like ‘Goodness Gracianyaaa’ (Goodness Gracious) and ‘Eggyanya’ (Eggs) he also puts a hash tag on almost EVERYTHING. He does lead a very fun filled, interesting life and that’s the reason I subscribe to his channel. #Craycraaay.

4 – Louise (Sprinkleofglitter)
(YOUTUBE / Twitter @Sprinkleofglitr)


Louise – What a wonderful woman! She is absolutely lovely. Louise is a beauty and lifestyle YouTuber and blogger. She’s got a beautiful home, family and outlook on life. I love watching her videos as she is very confident, entertaining and a joy to listen to. She’s not the worlds slimmest of people, so I love watching her ‘Lookbook’ videos as she knows how to dress for a curvy girl and that inspires me – as I am not very slim myself. Her ‘Haul’ videos are cool too (where she shows what she buys at a certain place, for example: Beauty products).  Louise is just awesome! I have no idea what her last name is though. Hello Sprinkle-O-Rinas!

3- Dan Howell (Danisnotonfire)
(YOUTUBE / Twitter @Danisnotonfire)


Dan is housemates with AmazingPhil and also Co-Radio hosts with him on their new Radio One show on a Sunday (I think it’s Sunday) night. I love Dan’s videos as he is just so truthful and knows ‘the real world’. He has made a few videos called ‘Internet Support Group’ which are absolutely hilarious. This is what he describes his channel as – ‘the internet support group for people who hate people’. He recently made a video called ‘Existential Crisis’ which I found highly amusing but also made me think about life – and death – and it absolutely terrified me haha. Crazy bastard. I love him though and recommend his channel to everyone.  Hello Internet!

2 – Phil Lester (AmazingPhil)
(YOUTUBE / Twitter @AmazingPhil)


I LOVE PHIL! What a dude! He’s also a massive nerd, which is really cool – and I like his hair. Sometimes I think that he puts his accent on – I don’t blame him if he does (the Mancunian accent, along with the Yorkshire accent aren’t the most attractive). He lives with Danisnotonfire in London and is a Co-Radio Host with him. This obviously shows how successful he has become (along with Dan). I feel as though Phil is real, he isn’t fake and he makes videos to reach a wide range of audiences. He does have a kind of childish edge to him, but that’s what makes him Amazing Phil, I guess 🙂 Today’s Draw Phil Naked is……

1 – Shane Dawson
(YOUTUBE / Twitter @shanedawson)


Well, Well, Well…Shane Dawson is a strange one. He is definitely an acquired taste. He’s very loud, crazy and vulgar. He’s ‘straight’ even though he really doesn’t come across as that in his videos, we all know this because he is the boyfriend of and lives with Lisa Schwartz (Lisbug). C’mon though, there’s got to be something going on with Joey Graceffa…they play it up for the camera but I’m constantly thinking ‘is this really fake?….’ Haha! Also, he likes to dress up as a woman…..

Shane is very current and he does  a lot of parodies. He likes to take the piss out of Miley Cyrus and Amanda Bynes – a lot. It’s all in jest though, nothing that bad…hehem. I love his ‘Shane and Friends’ videos. They’re all original and absolutely hilarious – I don’t normally get American humour, but Shane covers all aspects of comedy. He recently brought ‘Shane and Friends’ back after 2 or 3 years and I was very happy. There’s always a good message behind his main channel videos. He has a very young audience – but he is very R-Rated. I wouldn’t let my kids watch him haha!

He’s had a hard life and sometimes takes the Mickey a bit too much. I don’t think he should, but it’s obviously how he gets the emotions out and makes a success of his career. Despite all that, he’s a very clever YouTuber and he knows what his audience wants. He’s an absolute legend to me, but I wouldn’t recommend him to those who are easily shocked, offended, sensitive or under the age of 15!

I hope you liked this post. It took me a very long time to type up after researching over the past couple of days. I’d really appreciate it if you’d let me know what you think (on here, Facebook or Twitter) and if you have any suggestions of other topics that you’d like me to talk about/cover, drop me a line or leave a comment 🙂

Thanks for reading!

Emma xx

P.S my 10 day challenge will be up later tonight 🙂